Participation in the closing conceerts of "La Mesa del Agua" in Huesca (Spain) September 2006 & Orense (Spain) Agost 2008.

Music for the show “El mensaje mágico de las Flores del Agua” (2008).

Participation in the project “LA OCA DE LOS ARTISTAS” (Folder containing engravings, music and poetry inspired by the game of Snakes and Ladders), with the composition “El lamento de Pigmalión”. (2006)

Music for the closing of Televisión Española’s 2006 end-of-the-year gala show, with LA FÁBRICA DE SUEÑOS’ visual/thematic show on the desire for peace, protection and care for nature and the planet.

Participation in the closing concert of the Mesa del Agua (Water Panel) in Orense. (September 2006)

Regular collaboration with the theatre company LA FÁBRICA DE SUEÑOS, which uses the musical theme “Balada para Gabriela” as the main music for aerial tissue acts in its different theatrical performances.

Artistic direction, solo performance and performance with the group Zero Hero at Ecoaldeas’ Iberian Encounter. (2005)

Transcription for piano of the 100 best pieces of music of the 20th century, for the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores. (1999)

Music for the poetry and dance show “Moviendo poemas” by Cristina Álvarez Puerto, based on her book De la piel y otros volcanes, at Sala Pradillo. (1999)

Music in the celebrations of the poetry and music of the books La noche incandescente (1998) and Frágil (1999) by Teresa Sebastián, with the participation of dancer Carmen Werner.

Creation of a computer program about musical instruments and instrumentation on CD-ROM for Editorial Anaya. (1994)

Artistic and technical direction of the World Music Festival at Sierra de Gata, Cáceres. (1993-1996)

Creation of the independent record label Taxi Records to produce and promote unknown Spanish music of great artistic value (1990-1994). Post in charge of artistic and musical production.

Arrangements, keyboards, guitars for Lama Ganchen’s CD Autosanación. (1993)

Musical participation in the Planetaria, Picnetaria, Madrid festivals. (1988, 1990)